Software & Data Transfer

Sign Editing Software


HELEN is a user friendly Windows-based PC programme which allows the creation of message databases for display on Hanover’s LED destination signs.

Message databases will typically include the route numbers and route destinations covered by a bus operator. Additional messages such as stop (or “via”) points, advertising, promotional and information messages can also be programmed.

HELEN is available in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, Chinese, Italian, Arabic, Catalan, Portuguese, Danish and Romanian.

HELEN allows the creation of different presentation styles including double line, multiple pages and scrolling messages. It features cut, copy and paste functions to allow the efficient creation of a message database and a full preview facility to allow the user to see how each sign in their system will display the messages.

The HELEN programme offers output to both USB and Keylo devices which are then used to load the database into the sign controller.


Data Loading with USB

Hanover’s latest sign controllers (the EG3 and DG3) use a USB port to upload a message database or new software.

Most commonly available types of USB device can be used and the data transfer starts automatically once the device is connected to the USB port located on the controller front panel.


Data Loading with Keylo

A portable device that enables quick and efficient transfer of destination databases to the sign controller.

The Keylo utilises a D-type connector and is used on Hanover’s older generation sign controllers, the ERIC and DRS.

Once the Keylo is connected to the sign controller, the data transfers automatically.


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