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Hanover Cloud is your one-stop online portal for managing Hanover’s passenger display systems

Hanover’s LED destination displays and passenger information systems can be managed through Hanover Cloud, our online portal to deliver next generation technology across our suite of passenger information systems.

Hanover Cloud supports the management of our customers’ fleet, status updates, transfers and the creation of destination lists for all Hanover displays. It streamlines the whole process of delivering passenger information, and offers a cost effective, fast and secure system for public transport operators.

Users are able to update all data for Hanover systems via Hanover Cloud making the updating process easy and efficient. Hanover Cloud customers have 24/7 access to their Hanover equipment, and it is easy to deploy, maintain, update and manage.

Introducing Hanover Cloud

Hanover Cloud is a “Zero Deployment” web-based application suite for you and your team to manage and update all your Hanover Destination Displays and Passenger Information Systems.

  • Compatible with outputs generated by our popular Windows Desktop Application HELEN, HERALD and Hanover Central.
  • Compatible with all Hanover products (e.g. DG3, EG3 RS, EG4, HTC, Smart TFT)
  • Free trial period available

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