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We offer a comprehensive range of on-board LED destination displays tailored specifically for the public transport sector. All our products are designed to meet the diverse needs of our valued customers.

Our products offer excellent legibility in any weather condition. Incorporating advanced automatic brightness adjustment technology, the displays optimise visibility while minimising power consumption, underscoring our dedication to both performance and efficiency.

Our LED destination displays are available in a variety of configurations, including monochrome, curved, colour route number, and full-colour options, providing versatility to seamlessly integrate with different vehicle models and meet specific customer preferences. We offer industry-leading warranty terms as standard on all our LED destination signs.

Driving our LED display systems are our diverse range of destination controllers each offering unique features and capabilities to suit different requirements.

Standard Resolution Destination Displays

Standard LED Destination

We offer our LED destination displays in a wide range of sizes and colours to suit different vehicle models and to give our customers a choice. Our LED signs are easy to install with low maintenance requirements.

High Resolution Destination Displays

High Resolution LED Destination Displays

Our high resolution LED destination signs offer up to 20 times the resolution of a standard LED destination sign. These versatile high resolution LED destination signs can show destination messages, images and animations.


Offering an independent means of controlling our world-class LED destination displays, Hanover destination display controllers can serve as the primary driver interface in manual, standalone or third-party integrated applications.

Destination Controllers


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