Hanover Cloud Portal

welcome to the hanover cloud online portal


Hanover Cloud is a “Zero Deployment” web-based application suite for you and your team to manage and update all your Hanover Destination Displays and Passenger Information Systems.

  • Compatible with outputs generated by our popular Windows Desktop Application HELEN, HERALD and Hanover Central
  • Compatible with all Hanover Ethernet equipped products (e.g. DG3, EG3 RS, EG4, Smart TFT etc.)
  • Free trial period is available. Contact us to find out more
Hanover Cloud Fleet

Hanover Cloud fleet

Fleet provides you with an overview of all your vehicles, with a detailed list of all Hanover equipment that is currently fitted.

  • Manage vehicle fleet
  • Organise Hanover assets with each vehicle
  • Assign your vehicle to depots or groups
Hanover Cloud Health

Hanover Cloud health

Health monitors the fleet-wide operational status, making it easy to check equipment firmware, serial numbers & connection times.

  • Monitor all equipment for connectivity and operational status
  • View installed Firmware versions
  • View equipment serial numbers
Hanover Cloud Transfers

Hanover Cloud transfers

Transfers enables you to upload, publish and view transfer statuses from your desktop, by vehicle group, type and depot.

  • Transfer files instantly and remotely
  • Ability to schedule transfers in advance
  • Monitor transfer status (installed, pending, failed)
  • Saves time and labour
Hanover Cloud Destinations

Hanover Cloud destinations

Create, customise & preview destination lists for your Hanover equipment, including changing fonts, images & publishing to USB or online.

  • Destination lists stored in Hanover Cloud for ease and availability
  • Backed up and retrievable with Microsoft Azure
  • Real time web support from Hanover using Hanover Cloud

Hanover Cloud Security

All Hanover Cloud data is encrypted, backed up and hosted by Microsoft Azure (ISO27001)

  • Hanover Cloud supports Two-factor 2FA User Authentication via the Microsoft  Authenticator (mobile) application
  • Identity Access Management (IAM) is compliant to OAUTH 2.0
  • Open Authorization (OAUTH 2.0) is an open standard for access delegation
Microsoft Azure

Data Encryption

  • Data-in-transit
  • Hanover Cloud Users: TLS 1.2, HTTPS
  • Hanover Products: SFTP (HTC, Smart TFT, EG4)
  • Data-at-rest
  • Azure Manages Database FIPS 140-2 (AES 256-bit cipher)