High Resolution LED Destination Displays

Hanover has developed a new line of high resolution LED destination displays that bring new display possibilities to the public transport industry.

This innovative LED technology enables the display of messages in high definition. The goal is to offer an optimal level of readability and comfort of use.

With cutting edge technology, our high resolution LED destination signs offer up to 20 times the resolution of a standard LED destination sign. The end result is a high-quality visual message. The pixel spacing has been reduced to 2mm, which greatly improves the clarity of the displayed messages. With the significant increase in the number of LEDs, the displayed text appears as continuous screen printing, rather than as a dot matrix. Regardless of weather conditions, good or bad, the readability remains excellent.

This new technology also allows the display of high-quality graphics and images. Video broadcasting is also possible. Phil Sturgeon, Manager of the Hanover Ltd. research team, said:

“This is a landmark research and development project. It leverages our decades of experience in innovation to deliver a product that pushes the boundaries in our industry”.

The programming was designed to be a simple and seamless process, based on new software. This makes the creation of custom messages quick and convenient for all of the operator’s vehicles.

Phil continued: “We made sure that the system was easy to set up and manage. It has to fit in perfectly with the daily operation of a fleet of vehicles. This means making programming a simple and transparent process. It is therefore based on a spreadsheet input system and a Render Box software. This way, messages can be both creative and convincing, all without too much effort.”

Multilingual displays for public transportation: The technology of our high resolution LED displays digital displays makes it possible to display messages in languages such as Arabic or Chinese. These and a number of other languages are difficult to display due to their complex format and character heights. It is also possible to display messages for people with visual difficulties thanks to the Firefly font.

The high resolution LED display offers excellent visibility. It allows a rendering of messages in High Resolution closer to a TV screen than a dot matrix.

Patented display technology LORA (Light Output Regulation Algorithm): The high resolution LED destination display range also benefits from our patented LORA software. Hanover’s LED wind vanes include their own patented software (Light Output Regulation Algorithm). This software counts the number of LEDs lit for a displayed message. When a specific percentage of LEDs are on, the software automatically reduces the current through the LEDs. This saves energy and reduces glare, ensuring that all our displays are energy efficient.

Our displays maintain perfect readability, no matter what the operating conditions. The high resolution LED displays allow for greater freedom in the use of fonts and images. The goal is to provide new possibilities in terms of communication and branding.

Hanover Displays is always at the forefront of information system technology in public transport. We are a family-owned company with headquarters in the UK. We have been designing and developing passenger information systems for the public transport industry since 1985, and have subsidiaries in France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong and Australia. A second production site is located in the United States with representatives around the world.

You can find more information about our High-Resolution range on our YouTube channel:

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