Hanover’s new high-resolution signage steps beyond the standard

06 / 10 / 20

Hanover has launched a game-changing signage system, offering the public transport sector pinpoint accuracy and exciting opportunities for creativity with high-definition destination display technology.

The company has developed a new range, which utilises the latest in LED technology, to offer unparalleled levels of clarity, and exceptional user convenience.

Featuring an increase of up to 30 times the total number of LEDs used in a standard destination display, the end result means text is displayed as a continuous, print quality flow, rather than a dot matrix.

The HR system launch follows the completion of a successful 24-month trail, undertaken with various transport operators.

Phil Sturgeon, Hanover’s Research Manager, said: “This is a landmark project in terms of our research and development, which harnesses our decades of experience in innovation to offer something that really steps beyond the standard in the industry.


“It enables greater freedom in the use of fonts and also the opportunity to build in better visual imagery, to deliver next generation opportunities in branding and communications.

“Even in adverse weather conditions, the display retains its print quality appearance.

“Programming has also been designed to be a simple, seamless process, based on a spreadsheet entry system and render box software, making it quick and convenient to create compelling, creative messages across an operator’s fleet.

“Furthermore, the system is produced with all the reassurance of Hanover’s renowned stringent manufacturing and quality control process, which enables us to offer a five-year warranty as standard and the back-up of full technical support.”

Hanover has a global reputation for innovation in passenger information systems within the public transport industry.