COVID-19 Announcement – 14th September 2020

We continue to monitor the changing landscape daily and remain operational to meet your requirements globally

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In these unprecedented times, Covid-19 has placed new demands on our working environment.  To ensure we all remain as safe as possible, we’ve introduced the Hanover Rules, to protect us all.

Here’s the list of the Hanover Rules for employees:

  • Ensuring employees are regularly and thoroughly washing hands in accordance with Government or PHE guidelines
  • Dispose of any PPE in the appropriate bins provided
  • Wearing face masks if you move away from your workstation i.e. you visit a communal area or are walking around
  • Ensure social distance rules are abided by
  • Toilet facilities are now restricted to ensure social distancing, outside doors are now fitted with vacant/occupied signs
  • Hand sanitiser stations are based outside the toilet facilities and in all walkways of the factory and offices

PPE – Hanover employees have the following PPE available to them:

  • Masks
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Visors
  • Coats (which are laundered each day)
  • Disposal aprons are available
  • Latex gloves

Other measures:

  • Across the factory, 2 metre markings on the floors and in some areas a one way system has been implemented.
  • Social distancing posters are in place to remind us of the importance of maintaining space in the workplace.
  • Masks must be worn when entering and leaving the factory. However, they are not required at work stations if employees are 2 metres away from colleagues.
  • Fogging machines are activated monthly to stop the virus being airborne and we have introduced staggered lunch breaks, with only two staff at a time allowed in the canteen. An additional canteen area has been created to help with demand.

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Working together to create a safer workplace is our priority