Cobot Technology

Find out how we use COBOTS in our manufacturing process

Cobots, also called collaborative robots, are a type of robot that can be programmed to perform multiple tasks to assist humans. They usually consist of robotic and articulated arms that can be programmed to perform different tasks. They can range from screwing, sanding, gripping, punching, gluing, or welding. This technology is designed to work safely alongside human workers and can be configured or controlled in real time.

Cobots allow companies to limit resources and optimize production lines. They can be set up more precisely and consistently than human operators, and can be programmed to perform tasks that are too dangerous or difficult for humans to do. Cobots can also be easily moved around a workspace and configured for new tasks, making them very flexible and easy to use.

To stay on the cutting edge of innovation, Hanover has integrated collaborative robots “Cobots” into its production system.

Cobots are designed to work and interact with humans in a shared space. An innovative technology, Cobots are typically smaller than traditional industrial robots. They are often used in tasks that require a high degree of flexibility and precision.

Hanover introduced its first Cobot in September 2018 to enhance its testing capability in partnership with Absolute Robotics. Today, we have 7 of them and more Cobots will soon appear on Hanover’s production lines. Cobot technology has proven to provide high accuracy in testing power boards and processors produced by Hanover.

A sharp increase in productivity thanks to Cobots.

Cobots work day and night, weekdays and weekends to increase productivity. They are used for repetitive tasks that require great precision, with a constant need for reliability. This technological advantage allows our staff to perform new functions that bring high added value and even more innovation and expertise to the company.

Optimization of operational efficiency and quality processes.

Cobots have improved our efficiency and testing processes, all in collaboration with our Quality Department. This new means of production has brought us into the 21st century to offer ever more innovative solutions.

A leading position in the public transport industry strengthened by Cobot technology.

In conjunction with industry-leading warranties terms as standard on our LED destination signs, Hanover offers a full range of aftermarket services and technical support to our customers.

The end result for our customers is improved reliability, increased traceability, and faster order processing. The introduction of Cobot technology strengthens Hanover’s global reputation for innovation and production. It allows Hanover to maintain its status as a leader in Traveller Information Systems within the public transportation industry.

Hanover Displays a family business with 40 years of innovation.

Hanover Displays, a family-owned business based in the UK, has been designing and developing passenger information systems for the public transport industry since 1985. The company has subsidiaries in France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong Australia and a second production facility in the United States with representatives around the world. Hanover Displays meets the demands of customers in more than 80 countries worldwide.

The security offered by almost 40 years of industry experience, financial independence and continuity in product innovation have brought the company to a high level of reliability and quality.

Sean Winter, our Operations Director, has been leading the Cobots project since its inception and comments: “Cobots are transforming the way we perform quality testing on our products. The introduction of the Cobots has allowed us to achieve an even higher level of performance, improving the reliability of our tests. The Cobots work to an accuracy of 50 microns and produce detailed reports on each product tested. This allows Hanover to provide full traceability of its products to customers”.

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