Busworld Exhibition 2023

23 / 10 / 23

It was exciting to be back at Busworld 2023 in Brussels! The event provided us with a great opportunity to show our latest products and to connect with our customers and partners. Our international sales team was on hand to provide expert insights and support. In addition to our popular existing products, visitors saw a range of our new products, including:

Our new high-resolution destination LED displays. Utilising the latest LED technology, these displays have the capacity to reduce pixel spacing down to 2mm, offering up to 20 times the total number of LEDs used in a typical sign system. These versatile signs can not only display destination messages but can also show images and animations. Just like our standard G4 range, high-resolution displays are available in amber or white monochrome, with the option to add a colour route number. And for the ultimate impact we can offer full-colour displays in all positions.

The EG4 destination controller – designed for streamlined transit operations. It features an advanced user terminal incorporating a touchscreen graphical user interface, a built-in audio output and an additional line level audio output for high quality on-board voice announcement, combined with a variety of interfaces including RJ45 and M12 for ITxPT compliance.

Our multimedia passenger information smart TFT screens for an interactive passenger information experience. These screens provide crystal clear information to passengers and can be automatically updated along the route through various inputs, such as GPS, door switches, and odometer.

Hanover Cloud – our cloud-based application that brings all Hanover equipment together and enables remote management of our passenger information systems.

Our presence at Busworld 2023 was met with positive responses as always, and it was a great opportunity to engage with the industry!