Andy, David & Gavin Williams - Hanover Founders

Our vision and mission statement


The Hanover Displays group of companies aims to become the world’s leading supplier of passenger information systems for the public transport sector. We will achieve this through innovation, product reliability and outstanding customer service.


We are committed to delivering the highest quality products and services that meet or exceed the needs and expectations of our customers and to managing the impact our activities have on the environment. The Hanover Displays group of companies considers that this is the shared responsibility of all employees from the Board of Directors down. It is thus the duty of everyone to ensure the highest standards in all their activities through our guiding principles.


  • Provide leadership that promotes a common goal and a culture of quality throughout all levels of the organisation
  • Make available the necessary resources to deliver the highest possible levels of quality and environmental performance in all our activities
  • Maximise the welfare and development of all staff by providing the appropriate working environment and ensuring they achieve the necessary competences for the work they are performing
  • Establish clear objectives throughout the organisation and measure our performance against them
  • Work continuously towards improving our performance through the management, analysis and continual improvement of a system of processes
  • Seek out the best available technologies and innovations to incorporate into our products, services and processes
  • Understand the interactions and interdependencies that exist between the different parts of our business and be aware of how our decisions and actions affect them
  • Increase environmental awareness across the organisation, in order to reduce energy consumption, promote the efficient use of natural resources, the recycling and reuse of materials, reduce waste and prevent the release of harmful emissions to air, land and water.
  • Encourage our suppliers, sub-contractors and customers to embrace our quality and environmental values
  • Observe and comply with the standards, legislation and regulations applicable to our business.