Hanover Lewes, United Kingdom

Southerham House – Head Office

Main Production Plant – 7,000m2




Hanover Chicago, USA

Elk Grove, Head office & production plant, 3,000m2

Chicago Manufacturing



  • Annual output > 45,000 units, equipping > 15,000 vehicles
  • All manufacturing in-house giving full control over quality, delivery and costs
  • Automated production lines incorporating the latest machinery:
    – conventional placement (through-hole LED)
    – pick and place lines (surface mount components)
    – flow & selective soldering machines
    – optical inspection equipment
    – automated test equipment
    – electronic component storage/retrieval




Principal machinery

Conventional placement:
3 x Universal radial 8 insertion machines


Pick and Place
7 x iPulse Placement machine
2 x Dek Horizon printer
1 x Speedprint printer
2 x Ersa reflow oven
1 x Heller reflow oven





Hanover MachineryOptical inspection
1 x Extra eye
1 x Dcb ultravision


3 x Blundell flowsolder machine
3 x Ersa selective soldering machine


1 x Teradyne in circuit/functional Ate system
1 x Seica analogue/digital Ate system


Component/storage retrieval
2 x IEMME cabinet