Hanover’s new signage system delivers pinpoint accuracy to help get the message across

13 / 12 / 22

Public transport companies can turn to a pioneering system, developed by Hanover, which opens up new opportunities to get the message across in every language.

Hanover’s high-resolution destination display technology enables languages such as Arabic and Chinese to be displayed to full effect, with pinpoint accuracy.

Traditionally these, and a number of other languages globally, have been difficult to display, due to their intricate format.

But with Hanover’s new HR system featuring an increase of up to 30 times the total number of LEDs used in a standard destination display, text can be displayed as a continuous, print quality flow, rather than a dot matrix.

Phil Sturgeon, Hanover’s Research Manager, said: “The new HR system enables us to accurately display a wide variety of languages, with a print quality appearance.

“That includes the scrolling flow of Arabic, as well as the intricacy of Chinese, among others.

“The technology can also provide high quality graphics and visual imagery, to take opportunities for branding and communications to a new level.”

“We also believe it will provide a solution for public transport operators – particular those in tourist areas – who want to expand communication in a variety of languages across their fleet.”

Mr Sturgeon added: “We’ve already seen a good deal of interest globally in the new system, both in the UK and around the world.

“Public transport companies have welcomed the ability to engage and captivate their audience with a whole new level of connectivity.



“We’ve also worked to ensure the system is easy to introduce and manage, to enable it to fit in seamlessly with the day-to-day running of an operator’s fleet.

“That includes making programming a simple, seamless process, based on a spreadsheet entry system and render box software, to quickly deliver compelling, creative messages.

“Furthermore, the system is also produced to Hanover’s renowned stringent manufacturing and quality control process, which enables us to offer a five-year warranty as standard and the back-up of full technical support, across the globe.”

Hanover has an international reputation for innovation in passenger information systems within the public transport industry.

The company employs 200 people in Lewes, near Brighton, and almost 100 staff across the globe.

Hanover was formed in Lewes, East Sussex, in 1985 as a designer and manufacturer of passenger information equipment for the public transport industry.

Over the years it has enjoyed sustained growth to become a global business, with subsidiaries in continental Europe, North America and Australia, and partnering agents in other overseas territories throughout the world.

As well as the latest innovation in high-definition LED display technology, Hanover also specialises in audio-visual passenger information, automatic vehicle positioning, geo-localisation and fleet management.